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. . . . If you have no bowel movement by the third day, you may take a fiber supplement or milk of magnesia. Is 5 polyps a lot in a colonoscopy? When to return for follow-up If the colonoscopy finds one or two small polyps (5 mm in diameter or smaller), you are considered at relatively low risk. . . .

. . . . . Foods and drinks to have the day after your colonoscopy include: drinks with electrolytes water fruit juice vegetable juice herbal tea saltine crackers graham crackers soup applesauce scrambled. . .

. . Prior to this my bowels have been solid for about 5 months going once a day. A good remission for me. Colonoscopy showed 90% mild inflamation and my gi removed 3 polyps. Since the colonoscopy my stools have stayed loose, going once/twice a day an my gut makes a lot of noise an ive been having more gas too. Hopefully I get back to whats normal. . . . . .

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